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This software lets you backup files and folders on your Windows computer to the cloud (Microsoft Windows Azure storage). This way, not even a fire could destroy your precious data.

If you are looking for information on Backup and Restore in Microsoft Azure SQL Database, please refer to Azure SQL Database Business Continuity Overview.

Edit November 11, 2015
I do no longer recommend this solution. With the new Azure File Storage, you can create an ordinary file share in Azure storage and use standard backup programs like e.g. Macrium Reflect (Free) or Cobian Backup.

First, you go to the new Azure portal. Then you browse your storage account and create a new file service and file share. Call it e.g. backup. The endpoint will be

You can then mount using the following two commands:
cmdkey / /user:your-account-name /pass:your-access-key
net use Z: \\\backup

For more information, see

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